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Zoe Cakes for fun

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Zoe Cakes for fun
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 Zoe Cakes for Fun has been in business for over 6 years and has grown from strength to strength. All our cakes are made with the finest ingredients. Each new "project" is made with love and care for the customer's specific needs. We have cake franchises in Gauteng, Western Cape, Free state, Northern Cake, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, North West Province, Namibia and Botswana. We keep records of all customers that order from us and follow them up just prior to their following birthday or other celebration (such as wedding anniversary or christening celebrations) to ensure we supply them with another and maybe different Zoe Cakes for fun Cake. Along with our regular clients that buy our cakes several times a year, new customers are constantly contacting us – they have heard about our fabulous cakes, or even seen and eaten them!


Our form of advertising is in our local district Newspaper and on the internet.


Apart from the above we supply the surrounding schools (Playgroups, Nursery Schools, Preparatory etc) with our laminated colour brochure; and with every cake collected by our customers we insert our business card. Word of mouth is the best form of reference! The cakes are so delicious that everybody talks about it.


I have always believed in the importance of being at home with the little ones and since this concept has been tried and tested by myself, I would like to make the business opportunity available to other mom’s who are also in need of generating an extra income. It is a very simple business to run without needing to carry stock or invest in expensive operating equipment.


Your start up costs are minimal in comparison to purchasing any other existing. Our intention is to assist other moms start their own “Zoe Cakes for Fun” in their area. You can decide how much you would like to expand the concept. There are various options available all of which are dealt with in the “Marketing and Operating File” which is included with the Start-Up Kit once you join our “Zoe Cakes for Fun” Group e.g. Edible images, party themes and party packs etc.


This is an excellent opportunity to start you own business from home and the owner of a franchise that can grow on its own time.


Contact us and we will tell you more about being the best Cake Designer in your area!


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