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Back in 1995, Melodie Haynes-Smart had two children in nursery school. The nursery school requested all parents to provide pillows and blankets for their children to sleep on during rest time.

At this time, Melodie realised that the blankets were not providing her children sufficient insulation from the cold off the floors. The pillows were not always given to the intended child, therefore allowing cross-infections to occur. In addition, there was insufficient storage place for the blankets and pillows to keep these hygienically clean. Melodie realised there was an opportunity to address these issues and so Snug Bug was born.

The Snugbug is made wider than the average, allowing for a comfortable sleep. For mothers of restless babies and children, kicking off their covers at night is a thing of the past. The Snugbug is an ideal sleeping companion, as there is ample space for a restless little one to move around, whilst remaining secure in the Snugbug, keeping warm and avoiding waking up unnecessarily. Snugbugs are light in construction and conveniently roll up, making it easy for children to carry themselves, whether to nursery school, sleepovers or on holiday.

Snugbugs can be personalised so small children can recognise their own personal Snug, avoiding the sharing of bedding and minimising the risk of cross infection.


For Mom & Dad's convenience and peace of mind that their child's sleep time comfort and health needs are met when their little one settles quickly into their own SnugBug.Use the Snug as a baby cot, for a toddler as rest time take along sleep time comfort, for use as a sleeping bag for anywhere anytime use.

We offer a wide variety of colours & designs as well as 2 different sizes to choose from.For Mom and Dad`s convenience and peace of mind that their child`s sleep time comfort and health needs are met anywhere`any sleeptime. No nylon used - safe for children

No Zips - easy to get in and out of
Use it:
* As baby linen (fits a standard size cot)
* For a toddler as rest time take along sleep time comfort
* For the child as a sleeping bag for anywhere anytime use

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