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A Wizards Jumping Castles

Kids are not all alike` as every mom knows. We provide you with a choice of different and special castles for hire

BONTES die Nar/Clown

Nie seker hoe om die kinders besig te hou tydens \`n partytjie of funksie nie?Bel Bontes` dit is sy passie! >>Ballon-vou // Gesiggies verf // Illusies // Fotos saam met Bontes // Poppekas // Buikspraak! >>> Bontes het Christelike waardes en \`n passie vir kinders! >>> Bespreek Bontes vir: Kinderpartytjies // Kindervermaak tydens troues of funksies // PRET dae by skole // Sondagskool of Kinderkerk // Familie Dae // Jeug weke // Gemeenskaps projekte // Vakansie programme. Bontes can speak English as well!Not sure how to entertain the children during a party or function?&g ...

1. COMMANDO PARTY The Mission: 2.5hrsEnter the world of Army training. Commando obstacles` scale cargo nets` traverse rope swings and leopard crawl through mud filled trenches! Sergeants supervise exciting platoon races and fun activities. Experience life-size military obstacles` war cries` camo face paint` forest missions` muddy swamps` push-ups...The Age: 5 years to any age as long as you`re younger than the Sarge! 2. PAINTBALL PARTY (max 14 players on the field` max total 28)The Mission: 2hrsPaintball missions are executed in the Bush Warfare Range and include paintballs` paintball guns` ga ...

Kings Camps - Inspiring International Sports Events for children

Sports camps & holiday programs for kids and teens  Don't miss your chance to experience Kings Camps! For one week only, choose from a range of our internationally renowned sports & activity programmes. Led by experienced and inspirational coaching teams our inclusive activities offer all children an amazing experience. Our most popular Multi-Active programme offers children the chance to enjoy the widest choice of sports and games, with arts & crafts and coaches challenges making this a week to remember. Multi-Active runs from 8am-4pm daily, with a shorter day option finishing at ...

Job 33:26 - "He shall pray unto God, and he will be favourable unto him: and he shall see his face with joy: for he will render unto man his righteousness."

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