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RSPA Theatre School Featured


RSPA Theatre School, run a successful, vibrant and results driven extra mural performing arts training school for students aged 5 - 19 and part time performance certificate and diploma programmes starting in 2018, for students aged 19+.

Our classes covering Drama, Acting, Musical Theatre, Singing, Dance and more. We provide foundation training for students new to the stage through to advanced performance programmes, specialised examination training, holiday camps, examinations and workshops.RSPA Theatre School is an authorised training and examination centre for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, (LAMDA) and Trinity College, London.

Students have performed in various professional productions, been cast in national and international movies, achieved international recognition via our examination programmes and have represented South Africa performing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland. Our goal is to nurture a strong young performer, who stands out in the crowd and has all the foundation skills needed to explore a career in the arts.

Classes are held at various schools and theatres in the KZN region. To find out more please visit

Drama is a creative outlet— and a challenging one at that. Children and young adults need a way to be able to express themselves, their thoughts and views on the world. What better way than through theatre? It challenges us to open our minds, explore different worlds through scripts and scores and characters, and to be able to tell a story in a variety of ways — through words, song, mime, tableau, puppetry… the list goes on and on. Then, importantly for the electronic generation, being in a tight knit performance group creates incredibly strong bonds over a very short period of time. When you’re working together with a group of like-minded people to create a cohesive piece of work, it’s inevitable.

Theatre people don’t always fit in with people outside of the theatre. We can be thought of as eccentric, odd, spacey. People not involved in theatre don’t understand why we spend long hours rehearsing. But those children and young adults, who are obsessed with the latest Broadway or West End offering, who randomly break out into song and dance get it, they get each other and we get them.

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083 326 3257
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