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ANDAC Reading Method Featured


With our reading method the learner is taught sound combinations that empowers them to construct words phonetically AND to read them AND to pronounce them correctly. Other methods erroneously teaches a child to memorize words and sentences and prevents them from reading unknown words. On our reading method the child is taught to read sounds combined and not to read or sound them singularly for example "ca-t" and NOT "c-a-t".

What makes our products unique?

* We sell the sets enabling parents themselves to help their children at their own pace.
* We are already a household name - when people hear the "Sound Combination Reading Method" or "Japtrap Leesmetode"  they know it is the reading method that works!
* Our method has been successfully used for over 60 years already, in both schools and at home.
* Thousands of children have been taught to read or have been helped by using this method` and many schools are using our product.
* Suitable for all ages (even adults) - on average girls start from the age of 4 and boys from 5 years.
* Your child gets individual attention. When your child struggles with a certain step it gets repeated until he/she knows it by heart. Proceeding with the next step only happens when the current step has been mastered 100%


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