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City: Roodepoort

Klein Duifies is based in Horison Park Roodepoort A safe and clean home away from home, Developmentally appropriate environment with educational development programs.  Benefits of Klein Duifies * Open from 6am to 6pm * Bilingual  * Visit your child during the day via your smart phone (CCTV) * Balanced Meals * Development Programs * Easy access to major routes * Safe and clean environment * We offer transport services * Aftercare services * Holiday care services  

Candyman - Candyfloss and Popcorn

Candyfloss and Popcorn machines for hireAdd the ultimate WOW factor to your event - whether it\`s a Wedding` Corporate Event` Party` school function` Birthday party or Church function` with the wonderfull smell and taste of Candfloss and/or Popcorn.For your safety and enjoyment` all machines comes with an operatorWe can offer you one of the following:Popcorn Fun for 20 (1.5 Hours) - R 350 includesPopcorn Machine with OperatorCorn plus salt and 1 spicePopcorn Paper BagsPopcorn Fun for 50 (2 Hours) - R 450 includesPopcorn Machine with OperatorCorn plus salt and 2 spicesPopcorn Paper BagsPopcorn ...

Support during your pregnancy

This is a one of a kind service that i found was needed as most women have obstetricians delivering their baby\`s. some times your doctor might not be available to you when you have a question and due to the short duration of doctor visits` you wont be able to get all the information you need. i am a registered midwife and am offering a service where early in your pregnancy (before 20 weeks) we meet up at your home and i will explain all the things you can expect from the pregnancy. i will also start talking to you about your birth plan and what your baby will need during the first weeks of he ...

Post natal support for first time mothers

I am a registered midwife who specializes in supporting moms with the care of thier newborns. i will assist you with breast feeding` baby baths and nappy changing and give you all the information you need to cope over the first six weeks. at each visit your babies weight and growth is monitored to ensure that all is going well. the first visit is advised 4 days after the babies birth as this is when your milk "comes in" and things can become a challenge. I will help you to make sure your baby is in a routine and teach you how to read you baby and know when they have had enough milk. if you are ...

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Bearfoot Bounce Jumping Castles

At Bearfoot Bounce we strive to supply our clients` big and small` with excellent service and well maintained` fun and exciting equipment.We are continuously looking at expanding our product range and services to make Bearfoot Bounce your preferred provider of quality entertainment equipment.Our entertainment equipment are regularly inspected for any wear / damage. We also clean the entertainment equipment on a regular base. This allows us to supply you with entertainment equipment that is always clean and of very high quality.Remember that jumping castles are not only for kid\`s parties. Havi ...

Introduction to solids class

When your baby is about 3 months old` you may want to start introducing solids but not know how or where to start. this is class is designed to assist you in choosing your babies first foods` how to give them and what to feed your baby over her first year of life. it also covers the different products on the market` dental care and what to do should your child choke. the classes are held twice a month in Roodepoort but i am willing to travel to your home (2 or more moms would need to be present). the class is an hour and a half long and costs R200. you will leave with the knowledge of what to ...

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